Pilates in Edinburgh with Sharon Connolly

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“I have long standing back and neck problems which were deteriorating largely due to carrying a toddler around. Since doing Pilates my neck and back pain has improved and I have become more aware of how to move and lift to minimise problems.”
Victoria Murray
“Since I started coming to Sharon’s classes nearly three years ago my knees have stopped bothering me on hill-walking descents, my tennis has improved, my skiing is more elegant and I’m more agile on the boat.”
Martin Eckersall
“Sharon’s Pilates classes are very friendly and adaptable. Her training in osteopathy makes me feel confident and safe. Pilates has been an enjoyable part my week for the last seven years.”
Annelise Kempton
“I have been attending Sharon’s pilates class for three years and really feel the benefits. Sharon is very supportive and always tailors any class exercise to suit the individual e.g., some exercises I do differently to the rest of the class as I have osteoarthritis in my knees. Pilates is enjoyable and has been very good for improving my flexibility, muscle strength and posture. Highly recommended.”
Angela Vidler
“I have been attending Sharon’s Pilates classes for about 2 years. She is an attentive, observant and thorough teacher. I have found many benefits from attending her classes, the most noticeable, and most appreciated, of which is the complete cure of lower back pain. No longer do I have to crawl out of bed with my body bent at a 45 degree angle!”
Alison Melville

Pilates in Edinburgh offers classes to suit everyone, from novices to advanced level pupils.

Pilates is a great exercise for all ages and fitness levels, but is particularly good if you are suffering from any back, joint or soft tissue condition as it works to strengthen muscles around the joints.

All classes are taught by Sharon Connolly, a pilates teacher with 25 years experience.